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    I'm just a guy who wants to follow Christ with all my heart and want to encourage others to do the same - either by sharpening the faith of fellow believers or introducing non-believers to Jesus.  Trust me, I stumble sometimes but by God's grace those stumbles come less often.

    My faith

    I believe God has revealed Himself to mankind in creation, the Bible and ultimately in the Person and Work of Jesus, through Whom we can be reconciled to the Father. We were made for relationship with Him and in that relationship we are complete when we know and follow Jesus and His teachings.

    My Influences

    The people who have influenced me the most in my beliefs are my father Roy Grigsby, C.S. Lewis, Alistair Begg (although I'm not Reformed), and Steve Gregg (over the past 6 years, Steve has had the largest impact on my doctrines and walk with Jesus).

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